Activity of Аssociation

The aim of the Association is only coordination of economic activity participants, without the right to intervene in their production and commercial activities, acceptance of administrative decisions.
The Association can coordinate the activities of the participants only on:
1. Technical information and education of members of the Association, namely:
- explanation of the objectives of the Association by the organization of lectures, discussions, seminars and conferences, speeches in mass media, consulting, attraction of local and foreign experts and consultants;
- dissemination of science, technical knowledge, best practices on effective technologies, the introduction of measures to reduce cost, environmentally friendly technologies;
- formation of the system of professional training of its members, regular publication of information about the work of the Association and its members, about industry issues, foreign experience;
- organization of analytical work on the issues of management and marketing in the markets involved and regular dissemination of the results of these works among the Association members;
- providing methodological assistance to the Association members during elimination of lacks of work or training workers to the participants of the Association.
2. Provision of information:
2.1. Collection among the participants only:
- production and production capacity;
- problems that arise in the course of activity of Association members in order to find optimal ways of their solution;
information which may facilitate the establishment and development of relations of cooperation with authorities and other organizations;
technical information and education of members of the Association, the distribution of which is stipulated by the Constituent agreement.
2.2. The information collected is distributed in the generalized form not later than one month following its collection and may not be used against members of the Association, competitors or consumers and contain information on the essential conditions of performing economic activity, prices, commercial strategies of the economic activities, exchange of which may contribute to coordination of competitive conduct and the possibility to predict the behavior of other members of the Association, competitors and consumers.
3. In the field of standardization, namely:
- promoting the efficiency of functioning of the industry (goods market) only through development, discussion, suggestions relatively objectively justified types of classifications, standards of product quality, operational reliability and safety, standards on environmental issues.
4. Relations with local authorities and between the Association participants, namely:
- cooperation with the authorities only on the legal regulation of the General principles of functioning involved in the market of goods;
- protection of interests of Association members in state authorities, and other organizations both in Ukraine and abroad;
- assistance in creating the conditions for reaching the Association members on the foreign markets.
The Association does not permit the exercise of decisive influence on economic activity of the founders (participants) or coordination of competitive behaviour.
To implement these goals, the Association performs the following activities:
1. Takes measures to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine in sphere of mechanical engineering.
2. Develops and implements the system of clearing-house for the amicable resolution of disputes that may arise between members or between members and third parties, according to ethical principles and laws of Ukraine.
3. Represents and protects the legitimate rights and interests of the Association members in state bodies and other institutions, including the judiciary, participates in the development of draft laws and other normative acts. Develops and brings in these bodies of relevant projects.
4. Inform the members of the Association of current legislation in the field of mechanical engineering and ongoing changes in it, as well as on its activities.
5. Maintains constant communication with the media, distributes through them information on engineering, makes public statements and influence public opinion.
6. Conducts a public examination and public hearings on the issues identified in the objectives and object of activity of the Association.
7. Collects, summarizes and analytical processes the statistical information about the activities in the field of mechanical engineering. Participates in the preparation and dissemination of analytical, scientific, and informational materials, expert opinions.
8. Provides support for new technologies that are being introduced in the field of mechanical engineering of Ukraine.
9. Provides consultation to the members of the Association, prepares and distributes among its members methodical materials and recommendations.
10. Studies and introduces its members with the best practices of Russian and foreign companies in the sphere of mechanical engineering.
11. Promotes educational activity, conducting of seminars for the members of the Association, participates in conferences, seminars and other events on issues of development of relations in the sphere of mechanical engineering and protection of copyright and related rights, publishes and distributes materials professional, educational, and information and referral services.
12. Collaborates and performs the coordination work with other organizations and associations active in the field of machine building, including international.
13. Create regional offices of the Association to ensure a closer link with the members and other subjects of mechanical engineering.
14. Promotes organization of receptions, exhibitions, presentations, formal dinners and meetings, including meetings, discussions, and other events with prominent scientists, politicians, well-known entrepreneurs.
15. Participates in the activities of the expert Council of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine;
16. Participates in the preparation of legislative and regulatory acts in the sphere of machine building;
17. Implementing a joint with the profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine analysis of proposed legislative acts in terms of opportunities for their implementation the members of the Association and provides recommendations to amend the current legislation;
18. Assists law enforcement agencies in the control, detection and investigation of offences in the sphere of mechanical engineering;
19. Supports trainings, seminars, lectures and other events.
20. Arranges meetings of members of Association with the aim of reaching a common position on the topical issues of development of the market of mechanical engineering.
21. Promotes the protection of the interests of members of Association in matters requiring public, public, state and court proceedings.
22. Informs the public through mass media about the implemented by the Association activity is directed to the development of the sphere of mechanical engineering.