About Association

The Аssociation « League of machine engineers and employers of Ukraine «Ukrmashbud» consists of about 240 companies.

Activity of the Association «Ukrmashbud» aims at increasing the capacity of enterprises - members of Association «Ukrmashbud», by:

  • The increase in sales of production of the enterprises.
  • Increases in capacity utilization.
  • Expansion of the market of production of the enterprises, both domestic and foreign markets (including the EU countries and Asia).
  • The improved financial situation of enterprises.
  • Address the pressing issues of enterprises.

The work of the Association focuses on three main areas:

  • Heavy mechanical engineering.
  • Electro - instrument making industry.
  • Agricultural engineering industry (including production, service and repair).

The enterprises of the Association «Ukrmashbud» have great potential in the production of both simple and complex and science-intensive technology with application of modern technologies and element base.

Enterprises that are part of the Association «Ukrmashbud», produce a wide variety of high-quality and competitive products, namely:

  • energy-saving equipment for heavy industry;
  • equipment for gas and oil industry;
  • equipment for chemical industry;
  • equipment for air-and shipbuilding;
  • equipment for underground;
  • steam and gas turbines for nuclear power plants;
  • electrical equipment for the industrial complex;
  • equipment for Railways;
  • machine tools for metal and wood;
  • gas pumping units;
  • compressor stations;
  • various types of pumps;
  • motors;
  • pipeline valves;
  • forged and stamped products;
  • manufacture of heating equipment;
  • machinery and equipment for agroindustrial complex.

The enterprises of the Association «Ukrmashbud» ready to execute orders on mutually beneficial terms:

  • supply of equipment, machinery and spare parts under the order;
  • to perform the work:
    • design of machinery, equipment, lines of production processes;
    • metalworking;
    • metalcutting;
    • casting;
    • stamping;
    • forgings;
    • high-quality welding.

To help businesses, in налажевании contacts with partners from other countries, the Association «Ukrmashbud» has representatives in Germany, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and develops cooperation with relevant associations of States of the CIS and the EU.
Cooperation agreements signed with:

  • Argentine Chamber of manufacturers of agricultural machinery "CAFMA". President - Raul Crucianelli.
  • Kazakhstan engineering Union. President - Meiram Pshembayev.
  • JSC «KazAgroFinance». Chairman Of The Board - Rakhimzhanov Gumar.
  • Russian Association of manufacturers of agricultural machinery «Rosagromash». President - Konstantin Babkin.

One of the results of such assistance was the creation of joint enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, with the participation of the Ukrainian participants of the Association. 
Association “League of manufacturers and employers of Ukraine «Ukrmashbud» appointed the coordinator of creation in Kazakhstan of joint ventures in the field of agricultural machinery industry, according to the Protocol of the eleventh session of the joint Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Kazakh Commission for economic cooperation, which took place 02.04.2013р. in Kyiv, under the chairmanship of First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Sagnitaev V.

The Association is open for cooperation with unions, federations, associations and individual enterprises, which have the purpose of their work - protection of interests of a domestic commodity producer, raising the level of competitiveness of Ukrainian products and level of life of Ukrainians.